About Us

As an industry leader, Advantage Reporting Services is a proud member of the Deposition Reporters Association (DRA). Our experts are fully committed to meeting all your reporting needs. We believe in the sanctity of the record, the integrity of our noble profession and in treating both clients and our reporters with the utmost respect.

Personal by Design

With ARS, you know you are getting quality, experienced, professionals that live locally. We personally vet all of the reporters, interpreters and videographers we utilize. When you book with Advantage Reporting, rest assured you get one of “ours”; not an “unknown” dispatched by a conglomerate headquartered in New York, Los Angeles or Texas.

Truly Local Coverage

Advantage Reporting is especially proud of our ability to get “last minutes” covered in the South Bay. We have a full complement of experienced reporters, and have a high success rate in covering depositions with short or same day notice.